Step by Step

Step 1 accept your offer

Accept your Round 1 offer by 3pm on Monday, 13 September.

Step 2 Check your email

Check your email for your StartWIT email which will contain your registration and orientation details.

Step 3 Register online

 Read up on payment procedures and remember your digital photo. 

Step 4 Online orientation

Begins from Wednesday, 15 September and varies by course so check your exact times and dates.

Step 5 Lectures

The first day of lectures for first years is Wednesday, 22 September. Timetables will be available in mid September. 

Get support from Student Life and Learning

The SLL team are here to give support on a wide variety of issues from personal and financial to academic

Covid-19 Student Charter

The Covid19 Operational Charter, which students consent to abide by, aims to suppress any potential spread of the virus and protect students, staff and the wider institute community. 

Jargon Buster

Don’t get overwhelmed by the academic lingo, we’ve broken down what it all means for you